Singles Ladder

The ladder is open to both men and women; anyone can join at any time throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Process & Rules

  • All ladder players are initially placed in the lowest ranking.
  • Matches are set up by individual ladder players who are responsible for contacting each other.
  • Ladder players may challenge those above (up to two ranks) and below (down to two ranks).
  • Challenged player has two weeks to play match. If unable, he/she forfeits the match.
  • Challenged player must accept challenge unless there is an unavoidable emergency or injury.
  • Match can be played at any court mutually agreed upon (doesn’t have to be in NP).
  • Match winners report the date and score to the ladder coordinator, copying the person played (even if match results do not affect rankings).
  • Each player brings one unopened can of balls to match; match winner keeps can of unused balls. Only one can of balls is used per match.
  • Rules are interpreted and disputes are settled at the discretion of the ladder coordinator.


  • Scoring is based on an eight-game pro set match; winner must win by two games. If play reaches 10-10, the Coman Tiebreak is utilized. In the tiebreak, the first to win seven points wins the set (must win by two points). Players switch sides after the first point and every fourth point thereafter.
  • Players of equal rank: winner moves up one rank; loser moves down one rank, unless already at bottom.
  • Players of unequal rank: if the lower-ranked player wins, this player will take the previous rank of the higher-ranked player, and the higher-ranked player will move down one rank; the lower-ranked player will not move if the match is lost and there will be no change in any of the players’ rankings.
  • Rankings are updated weekly on the NPTA website. Players are moved down one level at the end of each month if they fail to play any matches in that time period.


  • To sign up complete the form below. This form works best with the Chrome browser
  • Coordinator: Donald Doran at
  • You must be a registered NPTA member to participate in the singles ladder.
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