Walther Cup 2020 Information: Schedule, Format, Rules

9thAnnual Walther Cup

NPTA vs. STA 2020


Hello Walther Cup players,

A big thank you for signing up to play in the 2020 Walther Cup on Saturday, 9/12. Last year, NPTA won the title for the second year in a row, however STA leads the series at 5-3.  Which side will take home the trophy this year? We shall soon find out. Below is some useful foundational info.  Please let us know asap if you have any questions.

Tournament Coordinators

NPTA: Patti Miller and Bharat Rao

STA: Tim Moy and Sam Doctor


Match Schedule and Locations


Memorial Field Courts off Ashland Ave.

Men’s Singles 8am-9:30am

Men’s Doubles 9:30am-11:30am

Mixed Doubles 12:30pm-2:30pm


New Providence Courts by the NP Community Pool

Women’s Singles 8am-9:30am

Women’s Doubles 9:30am-11:30am


Players Rostered

Men’s Singles (8) Men’s Doubles (8-ish) Mixed Doubles (8) Women’s Singles *(3) Women’s Doubles* (4)
Kash Harold/Steve M. Allan/Cecilia Cecilia Marta/Alice
Steve B. Sri/Jaan Steve/Denise Yolanda Sarah/Patti
Bharat Kash/Steve B. Joe//Patti Meenu Sharma Denise/Tzu-Lin
Ted Bharat/Akshay Sanjeev/Anna Sub: Pooja Wendy/Lisa
Harold Ted/Rich Rich P./ Isabella Sub: Cecilia/Mara
Aaron Brian/Mike L. Sri/Durga
Jean Sanjeev/Aaron Rahul/Doreen
Doug Henry/Rahul Marilyn/Doug


Match Format

Singles: Play 1 pro-set: first to 8 games wins, must win by 2.  If tied at 8-8, play 10-pt tiebreaker. Ball dies at 9:30.

Doubles: Play best of 3 sets (3rdset is a 10-pt tiebreaker). Each set is a standard 6-game set. Set tiebreaks are 7 pts. If sets are split, play third set match tiebreaker to 10 pts.  ** If all players are present and a court is available, we may begin putting doubles players on courts early.

Note:Players playing both singles and gendered doubles will get a min. 15-min. rest period between sets. Bathroom breaks for those playing both singles and doubles may necessitate a delay in the start of doubles; courts will adjust the start of match play accordingly.

Rules:For all matches, standard USTA rules apply (switch sides on the odd games; COMAN tiebreaker rules followed). Rules are attached on the next page. Email Tournament Coordinators with any questions about the rules or format.

Food/Beverages/Balls: COVID has done away with our standard lunch, but we will provide granola bars, bananas, and individual Gatorades and waters. Feel free to bring your lunch if you want to eat between gendered doubles and mixed doubles.  A fresh can of balls will be provided before each match.

What to Bring: Chair, your own water, sunscreen

Arrival Time/Conclusion of Match:Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your match. In New Providence, check in with Patti; in Summit, check in at the Draw Board. Make sure you report your scores asap after leaving the courts.

Bathroom Facilities: Summit – Bathrooms are available in the Cornog Field House at Soldiers Memorial Field (about 100 yards from the tennis courts). NP: TBD.

Questions or “Day of” Problems:  Text Patti 908-347-6365 or Tim 908-347-1828.


Match Rules

 Warm Up: All warm ups, including serves, must be taken before the match begins.  Warm ups should take no longer than 10 minutes.

 Format: Matches will be the best 2 out of 3 sets.  The third set will be a 10-point tiebreak, must win by two. In the event that the match has not been completed in regulation time, the following

Timed Match Ruleswill apply.  A three-set match will always be recorded with the third set 1-0.

Timed Match Rules: Singles matches are capped at 1.5 hrs; doubles matches at 2 hrs. The following rules will be in effect:

Time will be determined by a clock (cell phone on mute) that is agreed upon by all players prior to the start of the match. With only 15 minutes left in the match, the game/tiebreak in progress is to be completedand the following will apply:

After a completed second-set tiebreak, if the same team won both sets, the match is over.

  1. If one team is ahead by two games or more, they win that set.
  2. If the teams are tied in a set, they play a set tiebreak (first to 7 by 2). Players follow the Coman tiebreak system: switch sides at points 1, 5, 9, 13, etc.
  3. If one team is ahead by only one game, play one more game, and then either “b” or “c” will apply.
  4. If sets are split, play a tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) for the third set. Players may switch every 6 points.

 When Time Expires at the 2-hour Mark:

If you are in the middle of a tiebreak, the TEAM AHEAD when the time expires wins the tiebreak.  When time expired and there is a tie in a tiebreaker, play ONE SUDDEN DEATH POINT to determine the winner of the tiebreak.