Doubles Leagues

NPTA organizes doubles leagues throughout the outdoor playing season, offering our members an opportunity for friendly competitive play.  There are currently leagues for Women, Men and Mixed Doubles which are offered in Spring, Summer and Fall. General level of play for all leagues is typically 3.0 and above.  You must be a registered and paid NPTA member to participate in these leagues.

  • Six week long sessions (five weekly matches with one week reserved for cancellations due to inclement weather).
  • Leagues require a minimum of 12 players and accommodate a maximum of 24 players.  Assignment to play during a season is on a first come, first serve basis.  You must be a current member of NPTA to join a league.
  • When you register for NPTA make sure you identify the programs you are interested in, mens doubles or womens doubles and mixed doubles.
  • Program coordinators will then contact you prior to start of season.
  • Rosters are finalized the week prior to the first scheduled match.
  • Doubles League Rules.

2019 League Dates:

  • Spring: April 22 – June 13 (off May 27th)
  • Summer: June 17 – July 28 (off July 4th)
  • Fall: August 26th – October 4th

Men’s Doubles Leagues

  • Matches played on Monday nights For April/May/June from 7-9PM,
  •         For July thru November 8-10PM
  • Coordinator(s): Bharat Rao
  • For additional information, contact

Women’s Doubles

3.5 Round Robin

  • 3.5 Matches played on Monday nights from 7-9 PM
  • Coordinator(s): Denise Moser
  • For additional information, contact

3.0 League

  • 3.0 Matches played on Wednesday nights from 7-9 PM
  • Coordinator(s): Mimi Knorr and Karen Luongo
  • For additional information, contact

Mixed Doubles Leagues


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