The New Providence Tennis Association, Inc. (NPTA) is a community tennis association whose mission is to promote and grow the game of tennis in and around the community of New Providence, New Jersey. NPTA sponsors tennis programs and events that can be enjoyed by all members of the association, regardless of age, race, color, gender or ethnicity and is registered with the United States Tennis Association.

Join or Renew Your Membership!

Join NPTA for $35 per person per calendar year (January 1-December 31) by completing the registration form below and submitting your payment.  If you need to verify your current membership status, please contact  

This fee covers all NPTA sponsored events and leagues.  It also includes your light fee for evening play during NPTA-sponsored evening play (events and leagues).  Additionally, you will receive an NPTA membership card.  If you plan to pay by check, please make it payable to NPTA and mail it to the address below.


PO Box 1042
New Providence, NJ 07974


To play in the evenings in non-NPTA events/leagues   you must still purchase the town’s “membership” (light fee) via community pass on (Fee waivers are available on a confidential basis.)

All returned and/or duplicate payments are subject to applicable bank and/or processing fees


2019 New Membership Form

1. Your Information

2. Hold Harmless Agreement

Members of NPTA may be photographed while participating in our program offerings. These photographs may appear without compensation for purposes of publicity, announcements, press releases or web content and published in both print and electronic formats. Permission to use these photos is granted through signature below. Any member not wishing to grant photo use permission may opt out with an email request to

WAIVER: I agree to hold harmless the NPTA officers, volunteers and agents from any and all claims, including negligence, that may result in any physical injury, illness or economic loss I may suffer resulting from my participation in NPTA programs. I further release them from liability and waive my right to sue.

3. Finishing Up



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