About Us

The New Providence Tennis Association, Inc. (NPTA) is a community tennis association (CTA)  whose mission is to promote and grow the game of tennis in and around the community of New Providence, New Jersey.  NPTA sponsors tennis programs and events that can be enjoyed by all members of the association, regardless of age, race, color, gender or ethnicity and is a registered CTA with the United States Tennis Association.

Most tennis programs are hosted at the New Providence public tennis courts located off of Springfield Avenue, next to the New Providence Community Pool.  There are eight lighted courts with restrooms, tennis shelter and nearby parking.

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Board Members

Jose Vinaixa.  President

Janet Michaels, Vice President/Secretary

Yolanda Barron-Vaya, Treasurer/Membership

Patricia C. Miller, Executive VP/Programs/Tournaments

Carol Lenardson, Programs/Tournaments

Isabella Blumberg, Programs/Jr. Webmaster

Ben Wolf, Sr. Webmaster

Rahul Deb Mukherji, Jr. Webmaster


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